Nothing Left

As I sit here thinking to myself,
I wonder if you ever think the same.
Of how we were just trapped in the world’s game.
But it’s far too late to play by our own rules.
We’re stuck in the same rut day by day.
Letting others opinions get in the way.
We let the world win.
We let what we had fade to grey.
We took our own routes, we didn’t make a way.
I wish we could rewind time to the day we met,
Do what we want, when we wanted and how we wanted;
but it’s just too late, far too late.
and those are now just memories slowly deteriorating away.
Slowly, with no remorse.
Drifting until
there are



What is Servant Leadership?

Lately, I've had this burning desire to do something bigger than me. To be the spark that starts a wild fire. I want to help people, regardless of who they are where they come from. It's what makes me feel happy. I'm in a program called Servant Leadership. What is that exactly? When you Google define servant and leadership these are the definitions you find:
“Servant: a person who performs duties for others, esp. a person employed in a house on domestic duties or as a personal attendant.”   
“Leadership: The action of leading a group of people or an organization.”


About Me

Hey there! I'm Alex Marie - I’m a 23 year old who was born and raised in good ole Georgia (though I don’t consider myself your typical Southern belle). I was blessed in starting my marketing career right after undergrad. I'm actually back in college after taking a year break and am studying for my MBA while working full time. Since I have little free time, I strive to surround myself with things that truly make me happy, do things that will enrich my life, and live life generously. 

My “official” blogging journey dates back to my sophomore year in college, our assignment: create a blog. I’ve always been one for anything internet, writing, and creative related so while my peers moaned – I gleamed with excitement. Fast forward to four years later, hours and hours learning how to make my blog embody who I am, what I stand for, and the world of HTML - here I am!

I mentioned earlier that I tend to surround myself with things that make me happy and actually my blog is intended to be a happy place. Here I share what I’m passionate about in hopes that I may inspire someone - anyone - to find their passion and lead happy, healthy, and stylish lives. 

In the tab bar on my page, you’ll find just that. I’ve bucketed each blog post into one of three sections - Life, Style, and Health. Poke around, leave comments, and join me on my journey to happy living.

Happy reading!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, registered dietitian, or fitness expert. The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences with food, fitness, and life and what works for me personally. My intentions are not to dole out advice. When it comes to your health and fitness, consult your physician or do your research. Thank you! <3