Why should you eat breakfast? 5 HUGE reasons why to eat breakfast.

Okay so I know you have heard this about 500,000 times before but breakfast is seriously the most important meal of the day! (It may have to do a little with me being grumpy if I can't have it :p) Sometimes times a few extra minutes of sleep may sound more appealing to you.. But it shouldn't. Also some people skip it for weight loss, that is probably the worst mistake you could make. You have always heard this as a kid, on TV, from basically everywhere. Why exactly is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
1. It helps get your body ready for the day. While you're sleeping your body goes into a period of semi starvation, which is why you burn 40-70 calories with every hour you sleep. It is very important to eat within the hour you wake up because it is what kick starts and boosts your metabolism through out the day.
2. Eating breakfast PROMOTES weight loss. You read correctly, it helps weight loss. Since eating breakfast boost your metabolism it'll help burn the calories throughout the day a lot easier! Of course I wouldn't recommend eating a ton of bacon, but a few strips with eggs and maybe Greek yogurt is perfect. ;)
3. Promotes healthy choices throughout the day. Waking up and making choices on your breakfast sort of start off a mental chain reaction if God eating choices throughout the day! Kinda like when you wake up in a cranky mood, it's really hard to get out of that mood through the duration of that day.
4. Boosts brain power, and helps with concentration. Eating a complete, and balanced breakfast actually improves performance on basically everything you do during your day.
5. And finally NOT eating breakfast can cause and be the reason for a lot of health issues and conditions like: heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mood issues, memory retention, and it can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes.
I always tell everyone that eating breakfast is essential and an everyday NECESSITY. It is extremely beneficial to eat a balanced breakfast every morning, but it can also cause a lot of issues if you don't. Well I just woke up about 45 minutes ago and after writing this eggs and yogurt are calling my name. ;) If you have any questions just post them below. If not, thanks for reading.