Are we addicted to cell phones?

Lately, I’ve been on an outdoorsy kick, I absolutely LOVE the outdoors, but as I walk through the park I see people after people sitting on benches glued to their tablets, phones, or laptops. I contemplate the necessity of all of the electronics we cherish- cell phones, internet, and social media. Are they necessary? 15-20 years ago there were more face to face conversations, more time spent outside, and a lesser state of dependency on electronics. I am guilty as well, but as I sit here at my desk I begin to wonder, what if we became less dependent to our phones?
They're a wonderful advancement and it can do so many wonderful things. But we have taken it to far, and without the high level of dependency we have on our cell phones we would be happier people. We could go to eat without checking our phones to see if anyone texted, tweeted, or liked our selfies on instagram. We would be forced to handle the awkward situations without the good ole *Gets a pretend text to avoid conversation*, I think we would be emotionally stronger individuals. We would have more engaged conversations with people, rather than being half attentive because that voice in the back of your head is always wondering wondering if someone has contacted you, has texted you, snapchatted you, facebooked you, or even read your blog post. We would live more in the moment. There would be less unfaithful relationships. There would be more trust within individuals. If you have a problem with someone you would tell them rather than telling your facebook friends. Friendships would become stronger and real, rather than the click of one button confirming your "friendship" with someone. We would be more active and spend more time outside, rather than inside on your bed with your phone connected in the charger and your finger on a constant scroll. I think if we put our phones away for 3 hours a day, excluding sleep time, our dependency would lessen drastically and we would live happier lives. These are just a few of the random thoughts I have on a regular basis, and I felt like sharing it with you. I challenge you to start out by putting your phone away and doing something active for an hour a day, then maybe 2, then 3. I will be taking this challenge myself, because like I said I'm guilty of some of these things. It's time for me to step up and lessen the dependency we have on a virtual reality. Don't you think it's time??