My Bucket List

Hey guys! I'm super tired, I didn't have my normal 7 hours of sleep last night. :'( BUT today I decided to make an E-Bucket List. I used to keep my in my wallet at all times but somehow it disappeared or I lost it, so I figured I'd make a blog post about it, these are in no specific order.
X Go to Spain
__ Save a life
__ Go to Africa, and help give water and shelter
__ Hold a bear cub
__ Go to Alaska, and see the northern lights
X  Go camping
__ Go to New Zealand
__ Go to Brazil
__ Get my masters, and eventually Doctorates.
__ Find and keep true love
__ Get married and have kids
__ Go sky diving
__ Have a job that I love, or dream of having
__ Go to a World Cup game
__ Meet one of my favorite actors/singers
__ Be known as a good person
__ Swim with dolphins
__ Go to a real safari
__ Learn how to machine sew
__ Have a life long best friend
__ Inspire, impact and touch lives
__ Stay humble
__ Be a great mother
X  Go hiking on a big mountain
X Sing in front of a big group of people [even though I can't sing I have this huge fear of singing in a big group of people]

I know I'm forgetting some things.... But I honestly can't think of ithem right now. Can't you tell I wanna travel? ;)