Why do I hate Splenda?

Splenda is a no calorie sweetner that claims to be made from real sugar, which is false. Not only does it taste gross to me, but it's chemically made from hydroxol and sucralose (it's also chlorinated). Okay let me not only pinpoint Splenda but all other zero calorie sweetners. The first time I had Splenda was in my coffee at work because they ran out of normal sugar. I stopped drinking coffee at work because I know the truth about splenda. BUT it was freeeezing in the office today and I happened to wear a dress so I needed coffee to stay warm, and decided to tell you guys about Splenda.
 People say it's not good to drink your calories (I agree, excluding smooothies and stuff). If you're a sugared coffee drinker, coffee is like a 5 calorie drink, like me just use normal sugar. Why? Would you rather consume manmade chemicals or natural products? In 2,000 years of human use there hasn't been any disease or sickness,etc. related to having a healthy portion of sugar every day. Splenda has no evidence or studies analyzing long term consumption of their product. Their products are also tested on lab animals, like rats and rabbits, meaning we have no idea the effects it could have on humans. I also read from "" according to the manufacturers of Splenda, more than 3,500 products in your grocery store contain Splenda..which means that we are consuming splenda a lot more than we'd imagine, which is a scary thought. Regular sugar is less cost expensive and can be used for many things like body scrubs and what not, so basically regular sugar is a multipurpose product. Plus it's not chemically made. I don't like the taste, the background, or the making of Splenda and I just wanted to shine light and maybe open your eyes to facts about Splenda. Read the labels, guys. It's important.

Hopefully you learned a little something today! :) Thanks for reading my rant on Splenda.