"Why/how are you still single?"

Okay, so how many of you have ever been asked or have asked someone: “why/how are you still single? You’re such a great person/so smart/so pretty/handsome (any variation).” I have been asked that so many times that I feel obligated to answer it on my blog. Let me start off by saying for most of my life I’ve been single.


Post Birthday

My birthday was really great! :) The party was fun! On my actual birthday I got home from my friend's house (I stayed the night there), ate breakfast, opened presents, took a 2 hour nap, saw a movie and got dinner with the fam and then stayed the night at my friends house and we had friends over.


Favorite Looks: Hot and Cold #1

Let me start off my saying that I was gonna do both parts in one post but this first part starting getting really long so I'm going to split it into two. Okay, so today I decided to do my two favorite looks. One for the chillier months and one for the warmer months! I'm also going to give you options if you want to wear the chillier option in the summer and vice versa.


Body Measurements!!

Okay so for our Sunday school class we're all doing a 30 day challenge. It consists of doing something of your choice for 30+ minutes for 30 days. Mine's physical conditioning, so anything in the gym or cardio, as long as I'm up and being active and workin' those muscles.