Body Measurements!!

Okay so for our Sunday school class we're all doing a 30 day challenge. It consists of doing something of your choice for 30+ minutes for 30 days. Mine's physical conditioning, so anything in the gym or cardio, as long as I'm up and being active and workin' those muscles.
Monday I had an intense workout (sore today) so yesterday I took it easy and did 10 minutes on the elliptical and played volleyball for about 2 hours. I'm so excited guys! By the end of this month I will definitely see a difference in my body, I'm eating right, drinking enough eater, and I started taking multivitamins. :)  So here's where I'm super duper excited. Yesterday I decided to bring out the measuring tape so I can record the difference in a month BUT I hadn't measured myself in a few months. (and like I said in a previous post I've gained 5lbs) I loooved the results I got. My waist has gotten smaller by half an inch, my hips/butt have increased by almost 2 inches and my bust (not like that has anything to do with working out) has also increased. I'll post the measurements below, all I know is that I weighed 116-118 and now I weigh almost 123! I can't tell you how long it took to get these results because I hadn't measured myself for a few months but after this month is over you'll get a clear definition of how much can happen in the month if you workout/be active everyday for atleast 30 minutes, and no this isn't one of those workout 30 day challenges, this is something I'm setting up. I don't want to overexhaust my body, on the days I would have rest days (I usually only workout 3-4 days a week, now I will be doing 6 days) I'll just do some cardio, or maybe abs if my legs are so and etc. like on Tuesdays I run on the treadmill and then play volleyball. Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated. :)
Here are the measurments:
            Before        After   (in inches)
Bust        34             35
Waist      25             24.5
Hips        33             35
Arms         -              9
Leg           -              21.5 (my legs have gotten bigger, I blame the squats and my hispanic genes lol)
Calf           -              13.5