Favorite Looks: Hot and Cold #1

Let me start off my saying that I was gonna do both parts in one post but this first part starting getting really long so I'm going to split it into two. Okay, so today I decided to do my two favorite looks. One for the chillier months and one for the warmer months! I'm also going to give you options if you want to wear the chillier option in the summer and vice versa.

I went on to polyvore and created two looks for you guys to see. Let's start off with the colder months (my favorite months to dress up for, I looove scarves). Timeless Beauty. I actually have a lot of similar pieces in my closet. So I love to start of with a simple staple object, like a black sweater material dress or a long sleeve loungey feel top with some warm bottoms. Then moving on to accesories and shoes. My favorite part :') scarves. So I tend to have more solid color, but I do also have quite a few prints. Last time I counted I had almost 30's an obsession. Whatever mood I'm feeling I base scarf on. I pair mismatch jewelry, I'm not a fan of matching necklace, bracelet, earrings sets; they look too uniform and polished for my taste. I also tend to lean towards gold jewelry since it compliments my warmer undertone. The shoes depends on where you're going, you're obviously not going to wear a pair of Jimmy Choo's to lunch, a dinner date is fair game though. You know how I said I have a scarf obsession? I also have a boot/booties obsession..So you could go with a pair of black combats, Doc Martens, short booties, knee length, whatever your little fashion loving hearts desire. No, you don't have to add a skinny belt, but it just happens to be what compliments my figure. Plus if you're wearing a multicolored scarf and you want a little pop it compliments an outfit so much.You can't complete an outfit if your hair is just bleh, definitely try going for a high long pony (brb crying because I chopped off my super long locks), top knot bun, or for my fellow shorter hair ladies tousled waves would look great. Also, pair with a natural light smoky eye, eingled eyeliner, fresh lipstick (a tone or two darker than your lip color), and bronzed blush.

Now you're probably wondering, "Come on Alex, it's summertime how can I make this work now?" Well here it goes:
I would pair a skater skirt with a loose crew/round neck shirt, you could also do  a crop top but it would give it a different look. Also, you could replace the scarf with a long necklace, or a statement necklace. Mismatch bracelets and watches. How cute?! For shoes, you could do some fun wedges, sandals, vans for the edgy/hipsteresque look (I looove edgy). What am I forgetting? Oh! The hair and makeup. I would definitely go for a side loose fishtail. I think makeup in the summertime should always be light and fresh considering that sweat and makeup could clog your pores and cause breakouts. No one wants those. So if possible avoid foundation, and powders. I just apply concealer where and if I need it, add a light blush or bronzer, some mascara, winged top only eyeliner, some chapstick and you're ready for the day. :)

I figured a fashion post was long overdue.