Catching up with you guys...

Hey guys!
Sorry it's been a while..almost 2 weeks..since I've last posted. I hope you like my revamped page, I designed a few things and changed things up. I have a few things to quickly catch you up on so I'm gonna break this post up into sections, some of which that I will also make a separate detailed post for. I am also going to start incorporating more pictures in my posts for the visual people!

I survived summer semester with a 3.5 GPA! :) Now that both work and school are temporarily on hold til fall semester starts this past week I've been on mission summer break fun. I made a summer bucket list and I've been checking off those things left and right.

I decided to try Skinny Teatox out. I started my teatox 3 days ago and I feel indifferent right now, I'm eating clean and everything, same sized portions of course. I'm NOT trying to lose weight just help clean and flush out my system. I didn't workout today though (gave myself a break today). But I still have 6 days to go so I'm still hopeful.

So how many of my readers watch The Vampire Diaries? I do, religiously. I only live 2 hours away from where it's filmed! How awesome is that?! My best friend and myself took a road trip to visit a few of the sets. :) It was pretty cool seeing it in person, also it looked different in person so that was definitely a weird phenomenon. Here's a photogrid:


I'm on a mission to make delicious food that's also great for your health. I need spices and seasoning in my life, but also being healthy is a priority! I've been collecting cook books here and there (haven't cracked them open yet, I'm more of a experimenter) but I can't wait to try some of the recipes! With these two weeks I've been playing around in the kitchen and cooking myself yummy food! I made my own homemade guacamole which was DELICIOUS! I'll definitely have to post the recipe for you guys to try. :)



I picked up a few books and I actually just finished the first on the list. It is fantastic! Here's my list:

The Giver- RECOMMEND!! The movie comes out next Friday too. I'm so excited!
Book Thief

I have so much more I could throw at you guys in regards to everything else I will be doing in my last few days of freedom, but I'll save that later. Thanks for reading. ;)