5 Things to Look for in a Guy Taught by Advertisement and Promotional Strategies

Okay before you question my sources for relationship advice let me give you the back story. My best friend and I were studying for Advertising and Promotional Strategies exam when the topic of credibility came up; it had 5 components. 5 of which perfectly describe general things we look for in our partner.


Bangs 101: Bang-in' vs Bang-ry

There is a huge controversy whether or not bangs are the way to go and if they are even in style. People claim they are childish and others see them as super trendy. And honestly, it can go either way. You have to take into account: face shape, hair type, look your going for, etc.


While I've been away...


Workout Wednesday: Cardio & Abs


Workout Wednesday: Leg Day Routine


New Series: Workout Wednesdays


Following your Passion

As I sit here at the keyboard and with a blank page, I think. I ask myself, what do I want to accomplish? What do I want to be when I grow up? How do I want people to remember me?


Everyday Makeup Favorites, natural look

Though I do love a good dramatic smokey eye on weekends out, I'm all about enhancing your natural beauty. My day-to-day (everyday) makeup consists of just three things: mascara, concealer, and a little bit of blush. I have my go-to favorite for each, and I totally think you should try them out. Once I did, there was no going back.


3 months, 1/4 of a year, feels like a lifetime

These past 3+ months have probably been the craziest months of my life, but maybe I'm being dramatic. First let me say sorry for not posting the past few months; with school, organizations, and travelling, it's made it really hard to take time to post. I've really missed it..but hopefully I'm back for good. Let me just debrief you on a few things, I'll stop at 12 since it's my favorite number and I don't want to bore you:


Before I start let me just say that I know my banner says I'm makeup savvy, which some consider to be true but I'm not dependent on it. Everyday I go on Instagram I see numerous comments on celebrities pictures saying that they wish they looked like them, I see posts of people putting so much makeup on their faces to the point they become unrecognizable, I see so much insecurity. I just wanted to be real for a little bit.


Health | How to whiten your teeth in 5 minutes!?


New York and Philly state of mind


Winter Warmth

Okay, so this cold is killer right now. I just want to stay indoors all day and if
I go out I want to be as warm as possible. I'm not made for the cold.


Let's get personal

I'm currently alone sitting in a really cute coffee shop, mocha espresso in hand, blogging, and to top it all off the weather is perfect. How hipster is that...but you know what? I'm actually thoroughly enjoying it, regardless of the judgment that may proceed. :p This is an outlet for me.

China Glaze nail polish haul


Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Let me start off by saying..I've missed this SO much. I'm so glad I have the time to get back into blogging, this past semester was the hardest one yet! For those you returning readers you can see I changed somethings around. I decided to go fresh, simple, and clean. I wanted to base my post on my hopes and resolutions for my blog! I'm super stoked.