China Glaze nail polish haul

YAY! Nail Polish haul, so the other day while I was running errands with the family and we stopped by Sally's because my mom needed some hair dye, and I browsed around. I even contemplated dying my hair again, and if you've read Should you dye your hair? My experience. then you know I definitely have gone through some tough times with hair stylists and my hair, and ended up having to chop it all off, so I quickly negated myself and landed in the sales section. China Glaze was on sale for $3.29! Original price was around $8.50, and being a thrifty shopper I had take advantage and buy 3. Pictured to the left! They had so many options but I limited myself to three and since it's the winter season I opted for the winter colors.  I am in love. China Glaze nail polishes are by far my favorite, I always apply it with two coats of Gelous nail gel and then the color (if it's opague I apply two coats of that as well) then a top coat. Essie is eh to me, chips easily for my nails, so I just stick with China Glaze. The three colors I opted for are (left to right): Lug Your Designer Baggage, Five Rules The Giver Edition (my favorite book), Tip Your Hat. I took a picture of the swatches for you so you can take a look for yourself. I painted mine the five rules color, pictured below, I love the nude-is vibe it gives off.  I'm excited to get to use the other two as well! Sidenote: I'm trying to incorporate more pictures and a variety of blog posts for you all! Thanks for reading and I hope this was at least somewhat entertaining to read for you guys!