Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Let me start off by saying..I've missed this SO much. I'm so glad I have the time to get back into blogging, this past semester was the hardest one yet! For those you returning readers you can see I changed somethings around. I decided to go fresh, simple, and clean. I wanted to base my post on my hopes and resolutions for my blog! I'm super stoked.

Clothes and Makeup Hauls: Sometimes..well a lot of the time..I have the bad habit of shopping a lot. So why not put my addiction to good use and blog about them? I can show you my newest closet and vanity collections and tell you how I plan on using them.
Makeup tips: I would consider myself a 6 to 7 on a scale to 10 of my knowledge on makeup, and I have a few tips up my sleeve to help you guys out.
Fashion tips: My favorite of the two tips. I'll be doing more hot and cold looks, my ootds, trends to look out for, and fashion forecasting.
More personals: My rambles..I will definitely be doing more of those, so if you like them, yay!! I like journal-ing on here or sometimes writings, poems, etc.
Healthy Recipes/remedies/etc: I expect to be more in the kitchen this year! So if I cook up something yummy, I'll share!
Fitness tips: I'll post more of my workouts for you guys to try out! Disclaimer: I'm not a professional, so before trying anything consult your physician. I just research and learn. Knowledge is a person's greatest asset. As for schedule of how I will post these is TBA. I'll try and post biweekly, but if it gets hard then I'll go down to weekly and on the other hand if I have more time I'll post more! :) Needless to say, but I'm so excited!! Stay tuned!