3 months, 1/4 of a year, feels like a lifetime

These past 3+ months have probably been the craziest months of my life, but maybe I'm being dramatic. First let me say sorry for not posting the past few months; with school, organizations, and travelling, it's made it really hard to take time to post. I've really missed it..but hopefully I'm back for good. Let me just debrief you on a few things, I'll stop at 12 since it's my favorite number and I don't want to bore you:

  1. Went to New Orleans (for a 3 day conference, and won awards for our chapter)
  2. Got my phone stolen (pick pocket) there
  3. Spent $600 on a new phone to not be reimbursed
  4. Went on my first ever girls trip to Ft. Lauderdale
  5. Little sister turned 18 and graduated
  6. Got to see a bear like 10-20 feet away from me
  7. Saw Nick Jonas, Ke$ha, and Nelly in concert (for free!)
  8. Dyed my hair!! (even after I said I never would again in one of my posts, I finally found my go-to hair dresser! Oh and I LOVE it)
  9. Went on a double date
  10. Started dating the guy I went on a double date with..... (like what! I'm dating someone?!) 
  11. Went mud-riding for the first time!
  12. Shot a gun for the first time (and apparently I'm an okay shot)
Oh! And I got a student assistant job on campus plus taking two online courses, yay! I feel productive now, I hate not being busy or staying active. That's a very condensed list. I wanted to keep it as short as possible. [since I babble a lot ;)] I posted a slideshow with pictures so you'll have something to look at of the past few months. From this post, we move to the good stuff. Back to blogging about fitness, fashion, and all the super duper fun stuff.