Renewing Your Passion While Abroad

Going abroad may seem nerve wracking, exciting, and just a mix of emotions. This was my first time out of the States (excluding Puerto Rico). Since I was 12, Spain was my number one bucket list item. Two weeks wasn't enough but I can say that it was worthwhile. I came in with no expectations other than adventure..and that's what I got.

Field Trip: Meeting Jose and Maria

If I could describe to you how much I love experiencing different cultures meant to me I think I would fall short. Since I was a young girl, I loved observing people who were different from me and I would find myself talking to them and wanting to learn more and more. That is why when we found out that we would be eating at a family's home in a small town in Spain I was probably the most excited I'd been the entire trip (which is a lot)!

Field Trip: Flamenco Show

Though this was not a "business visit" it was most definitely one of my favorite things I experienced while in Spain. Flamenco is actually not a style of dance; it is a style of music that is danced to. We went to a place called El Patio Sevillano and watched a 2 hour show with a few glasses of sangria so you can imagine the perfection of the night.


United We Need to Stand: Wars, Massacres,Terrorism...

Let me start off by saying that I don't make post like these often but when I do it is because I feel a heavy burden telling me to do so.