30 DAY HIATUS - Is Omran Safe? ONE case of 10.8 million Syrian refugees....

I’m writing to shed light and awareness about the brutal world Syrian people and especially the children are living in. I’m sure most of you have seen a video circulating of Omran – the tag line “This is Omran. He’s alive. We wanted you to know.” The video shows Omran, his brother and parents being pulled from the debris of their destroyed family home in Aleppo.

Omran, blood running down his cheeks and caked with dust all over his 5 year old body, was in utter shock. Omran’s brother passed away a few days later from injuries he sustained from the air missile strike. This is ONE case of 10.8 million Syrian refugees - of those refugees about 51% of the refugees are CHILDREN.


UFC 201: My Fight Night Experience

I grew up with a Dad who used to be a boxer in the army. AKA we grew up watching boxing, UFC, MMA and all of that good stuff. Since I was in college, I would try to find tickets to a UFC fight to surprise my Dad but they were always in Las Vegas - until this year. It was in hour and a half from where I live. PERFECT.