Hello Spring: Bell Sleeves, High Waisted Floral Shorts | Outfit of the Day

I'm back at it - one of my friends is an awesome photographer (info at the bottom) and wanted photograph me so I pieced together an outfit that I think you guys will love. One of my 2017 goals is to bring more color and add different pieces to my wardrobe.

To step out of my comfort zone a little, I wore a crop to show some skin, shorts, and sass! (I normally show sass though ;) ) I went to Forever 21 - on a whim - and some of these cute pieces. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact match but I'll tag similar pieces to recreate this look at the bottom.
These booties are my favorite!! I live in Columbus so there aren't that many amazing places to shop but - on a whim I walked in to a small store [it's how I end up finding my favorite pieces] - I found these cute tie up black velvetty booties.

I wore my lacy bralette underneath the red bell sleeved crop top to match the embroidered flowers around the trim of the high waisted shorts. I added a statement piece necklace and some mantra bands.

I have so much in store for you guys - expect to see more content rolling out as well a purpose/mission statement for my blog. :)

Photographer: Rebecca Rentz  | IG: @rebeccachristinerentz
Shoot: Downtown CGA

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